Dear Friends: Sorry for the silence, but changes in my family’s economic situation means I need to spend more time in profit-center activities. However, I have some great updates and links I had to share!!! 🙂

As you may recall, I have a good friend who has organized a charity benefit — trading items on Craigsist until a home is obtained for Toussaint Academy in San Diego:

Toussaint Academy in San Diego, a division of Father Joe’s, is a long term Homeless Shelter for children ages 14-18 years old. On any given night there are approximately 2500 homeless youths on the streets in San Diego. The Toussaint Academy is able to house 39 children long term. These children graduate high school and most go on to graduate college. For more information, click HERE.

He has an update:

Well, we just made our 8th trade!!!!

Thank you to Alon David of Alon David Photography. Not only did he trade $2400.00 of his photography services but he gifted back the 10 day “Hawaii Trip” to House for Charity making the total value $4400.00. The total package will make a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, holiday events or anyone else you can think of.

See all the trades and propose one of your own at

Also, follow us at!/houseforcharity for more updates.

Alon David — this week’s winner of the Angels Among Us Award! 🙂

MUT NOTE: I came across an absolutely fabulous Catholic bog — and I wanted to give it a big shout-out and note is now added to the blogroll: Why I am Catholic. Why I am Catholic also has a Facebook page (click HERE). The writing is witty and poignant; I love the personal perspectives. This is a my new must-read site when it comes to faith issues. About them:

“Why I Am Catholic” is a blog on the joy and inexhaustible meaning we find in the Faith; an on-line gathering of Catholics and those in discernment.The writers are Frank Weathers and Allison Salerno. Joan of Arc, the warrior saint, is our patron.

For example, I want to see the movie “Bridesmaids” with my husband on a date night — and here is a review from a savvy Catholic viewpoint: Musings After Seeing the Movie “Bridesmaids”

I also laughed so hard at some of the over-the-top gross-out humor in the movie that I was crying. And some of the events in the movie tugged at my heart. The movie also provoked me to question how best to live in a world that doesn’t always reflect my beliefs.

Finally, a great piece by Rev. Robert A. Sirico via Crisis Magazine (previously Inside Catholic) — The Great Lie: Pope Benedict XVI On Socialism

And, for those of you following current events, the wonderful John Zmirak has a great piece on Osama Bin Laden’s death: DING, DONG THE WAROCK’S DEAD.

My old friends Franz and Rayne were making an early spring jaunt together through south Louisiana when they heard the news, late at night, of the death of Osama bin Laden. They accepted it first in silence, as a kind of anticlimax, but the next day got into a full-on debate about how we, as Catholics, should greet such news — especially in the wake of the spontaneous patriotic street demonstrations that erupted across our country at the news. Here’s a fair transcript of their conversation…

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