HOUSE FOR CHARITY: Benefits San Diego Academy for Homeless Youth

Dear Readers: One of my dearest friends, who is inspirational in terms of the service he gives back to the community, is Craig Yolles. He has been a real estate professional in the San Diego area for many years, and has been kind enough to give me advice as my husband and I have contemplated getting a new home. He is very excited to be able to participate in a new charity benefit. Craig explains:

Approximately 5 years ago a man in Canada traded a red paperclip up to a house. He basically bartered his way up from the paper clip to a pen, the pen to a door knob, the door knob to a stove…..well you get the idea.

With two friends / partners I am doing the exact same thing for a very worthy local charity. Toussaint Academy in San Diego, a division of Father Joe’s, is a long term Homeless Shelter for children ages 14-18 years old. On any given night there are approximately 2500 homeless youths on the streets in San Diego. The Toussaint Academy is able to house 39 children long term. These children graduate high school and most go on to graduate college. For more information, click HERE.

The financial crisis has made it more difficult to keep the doors open……so we are going to assist.

Toussaint Academy San Diego

Craig says that there are the steps to follow should people want to donate:

1. Visit our website at Decide if you have something to trade and log it in.

2. “Like” our House for Charity Facebook page to continue following along in our journey.

3. Help us go “Viral” and forward this link to all your friends.

Craig concludes: “Homelessness is a terrible thing that can happen to any one of us. I just want to do my part in helping the community. The Toussaint Academy has a great track record of assisting homeless youth so obviously I want to do everything possible to help them with their mission.”

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