What I am Giving Up for Lent, 2011 Edition: Situation Comedies!

Dear Friends: Ash Wednesday is here already, and I have alighted upon the item I am giving up for Lent this year that is a real sacrifice that will bring me closer to the Lord. Since I am not big on food normally (and often forget to eat), giving up a food item doesn’t seem to be in the proper spirit of the season — so to speak. So, I am forgoing my usual viewing of situational comedies, in order to spend time on my faith-oriented activities. In light of recent developments, this seems like a well-timed selection.

Actually, this will be a sacrifice. I work and write many hours a day, on top of keeping up with my son and husband. The relaxing 30-60 minutes that I spent laughing or chuckling 2-3 nights a week will be missed. I am really going to feel it Thursday, as the “Big Bang Theory” will be airing a new episode that seems like it will be a hoot. However, it seems to be the proper choice for this year. I will make it a point to add Charlie Sheen to my prayers, as I have often enjoyed his work (especially Major League). In fact, here is one of my all-time favorite movie scenes:

While Two-and-a-half- Men is not the most tasteful show ever aired, there were lots of moments of redemption and near redemption (especially concerning family relationships), and it was one of my “guilty pleasures”. I will also pray that ABC senior executives pull the plug early on this insulting and highly unoriginal programming: “Good Christian Bitches.”

I already watch little of ABC; this will not inspire me to watch more. And I suspect that if ABC continued on as it plans, a boycott of advertisers will be organized.

The EWTN posts a report about the church’s promoting the three pillars of Lent: Catholic dioceses use fresh initiatives to promote traditions of Lent:

As Roman Catholics begin Lent with the traditional distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday, dioceses in the U.S. are seeking to pass on the ancient practices of the liturgical season in new ways.

The three traditional “pillars of Lent” – for Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians, as well as some Protestants who observe the tradition – are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Through these three essential practices, Pope Benedict XVI said in his 2011 Lenten message, “Lent teaches us how to live the love of Christ in an ever more radical way.”

And EWTN also passes on some fasting tips and guidelines: Fasting and Abstinence

Please chime in with what you are giving up for Lent! I would love to know, and it could help me when I have to make a 2011 choice.

Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.
—Genesis 3:19

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