St. Anthony Intercedes for Me, Yet Again

Dear Friends: A am heading out of town this weekend, but wanted to thank God and Christ for the many blessings I have received this week on personal and professional matters. Despite the fact I was pressed for time (I really needed to color my roots), a little voice kept telling me I just had to attend Mass — and not only that, but spend some time in the Tabernacle, too. I have come to recognize that voice as St. Anthony of Padua, who is my personal guardian saint.

The first Catholic prayer I ever said was asking for St. Anthony’s intersession, looking for my lost keys (yet, again)

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost
And can’t be found

Frankly, I say that prayer more than the Hail, Mary. And my lost things are always found (or, if not, I usually figure out what happened to them).

I have been mulling over trying my hand at self-publishing a novella for tweens on something that might interest my son’s peers. After offering my thanks for the wonderful things that happened to me, I got a bit greedy. I requested St. Antony’s intersession for assisting me in the process of writing and publishing something great, utilizing the new self-publishing tools and e-book resources that are available. In fact, I was so brazen as to say 10% of any profit would go directly to my parish in St. Anthony’s name.

So, after Mass concludes, I say hello to one of my former RCIA teachers, Mike. Mike is one of the nicest and most intelligent man I have ever met, and his lessons were always steeped in science, reason, and profundity. He had a draft of an essay that we wanted me to review, and perhaps edit. It seems that he also has been tagged by a Self-Publishing firm to prepare a book. It looks like I will be able to assist him with this process, too. 🙂

Bonus: Today, one of my favorite bloggers is giving lessons in self-publishing.

Thank you, dear Lord. Thank you, St. Anthony.

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