TEA PARTY TARGET: Gosnell’s Little Clinic of Horrors

WELCOME Anchoress readers! Thank you for your detour to this site from her superb piece: Pro-Life Marchers Roundup.

Dear Friends: I am writing today as a Tea Party activist, as I sincerely believe that there should be an event focused on the clinic where Kermit Gosnell slaughtered newborns and butchered women. I am putting it in this blog, as opposed to my political one, as I am acting as a Tea Party Catholic. In this piece, it is my hope to:

1) Persuade readers that this case is related to several Tea Party priorities: The US Constitution, fighting fiscal waste and corruption, and holding government workers accountable in meeting their responsibilities. I think Tea Party intervention by local groups would be perfectly appropriate here. If we can Recall Sheriff Dupnik, we can certainly handle Pennsylvania politicos.

2) Push back on the elite media’s attempt to cover-up the sheer magnitude of carnage that occurred under Gosnell by using detached euphemisms. This is done to protect abortion, which seems like a sacrament to journalism’s progressives.

3) Challenge my weakness in confronting evil of this type.

One of the my action-items in this post is to use a God-given talent I possess: Reading legal documents and translating them into understandable language for normal people. So, I plan to read the 250-plus pages of the Grand Jury report and describe exactly what went on at that clinic, and list my findings here — so that others can reference the materials. This will take time, strength, and psychic energy… so please pray for me.

The inspiration comes from Elizabeth Scalia, the Anchoress, who nailed the fact that the elite media is trying to obfuscate the true nature of the bloodbath disguised as standard medical procedures in her piece: Abortion, Language and Looking Away.

Most of the news reports I’m reading on this story are surprisingly succinct, given the 281 page Grand Jury Report which brings his crimes into sickening detail and make it plain that Gosnell brought a depraved indifference to life and human dignity into his “practice” if one could call it that. The press writes as little as possible, and many of these stories online do not include links to the report.

Elizabeth provides some details, but could not go on because of the sheer scale of evil described in the Grand Jury report. I will endeavor to pick up where she left off. I will provide updates as I can at the bottom of this post.


Abortion is viewed by many Tea Party activists as a “social issue”, and not normally on the radar. I think this particular incident transcends “abortion as theory”. This is a perfect case where Tea Party ideals can intercede on a matter that is not typically covered by citizen activism.

1) Under government-applied rules, this clinic should have been monitored. Because it was not convenient or fiscally possible,annual inspections of abortion clinics were suspended by Republican Governor Tom Ridge. This is a template of how medical facilities will be monitored under Obamacare.

2) The slaughtered newborns were American citizens, denied the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Gosnell’s clinic became the “back alley abortion” scenario that the penumbra of privacy was suppose to guard against. Effective action on this matter is in the best interest of freedom and liberty for citizens across the country.

As an example of the criminal treatment of Americans, Hot Air has a video of Latoya Ransome, who tells CNN how Gosnell’s work ended up making her so ill that she had to have open-heart surgery and disabled her. Read this from Michelle Malkin and be prepared to be astonished, as it underscores how big government and the US Constitution are not really compatible:

*The Pennsylvania Department of Health knew of clinic violations dating back decades, but did nothing;

*The Pennsylvania Department of State was “repeatedly confronted with evidence about Gosnell” – including the clinic’s unclean, unsterile conditions, unlicensed workers, unsupervised sedation, underage abortion patients, and over-prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street – “and repeatedly chose to do nothing.”

*Philadelphia Department of Public Health officials who regularly visited Gosnell’s human waste-clogged offices did nothing;

*Nearby hospital officials who treated some of the pregnant mothers who suffered grave complications from Gosnell’s butchery did nothing; and

*The National Abortion Federation, the leading association of abortion providers that is supposed to uphold strict health and legal standards, determined that Gosnell’s chamber of horrors was “the worst abortion clinic she had ever inspected” – but did nothing.

3) Gonsell made millions from his mass murder. How did he get his money? Who did he pay off? What bureaucrats and politicos were connected to the clinic? The local Tea Party would be in the best position to know this information and initiate recall campaigns and other actions items. I have contacted the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots, to see if I could assist them. I would encourage like-minded Americans to do the same as well — offering to assist with whatever talent and means you can contribute.

Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots: CLICK HERE; Contact – CLICK HERE

Check back for updates as I get information back from our Philadelphia patriot friends. Also, check back for updates on the review of the Grand Jury report, too. It is truly the Slaughter of the Innocents:


Grand Jury Case Against Philadelphia’s “Women’s Medical Society
(Abortion as Profit)


* Team Gosnell (8 others were charged with him) murdered newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.
* He overdosed his patients with drugs.
* Gosnell and crew spread venereal disease among patients with infected instruments.
* His medical staff perforated their wombs and bowels with sharp objects. Two women died directly as a result of these wounds.
* Cats were allowed to roam and pee/defecate all over the clinic.
* Blood-stained blankets were used.
* Critical medical equipment (including life-saving defibrillators to start the heart) were either broken or went unused.

And because serial murderers like trophies:

* Infant remains were scattered throughout the clinic in jars and bags and plastic jugs.

* Is there a doctor in the house? Gosnell was the only licensed doctor. None of the others were doctors (though two went to medical school); there was no nurse on staff. Despite the fact none of the other employees had any medical education or certification, they diagnosed, performed procedures, and administered drugs.

* Bonus – Not only was it an abortion mill, but the clinic was a prescription drug mill as well. Oxycontin flowed freely, provided a “patient” could pay for it.

*Abortion entrepreneur: Team Gosnell’s niche was providing late term abortions to women who were too pregnant to be serviced at more traditional clinics. The closer to full-term the baby was, the more he charged. Ultrasound data was forged to make it seem these abortions were compliant with state and federal law.

* Labor without labor: Gosnell was not a morning person. He would have his staff give women labor-inducing drugs in the early in the day, and stop by in the evening to deal with those about to deliver. Any infant born before his arrival would be “snipped”: The newborn’s spinal cord would be cut with a scissor inserted in the back of the skull. Gosnell’s term for it — “ensuring fetal demise”.

* The death toll? Countless….Team Gosnell destroyed most of the records. One case the investigators uncovered was a 7 1/2 month gestational age boy who breathing and moving when Dr. Gosnell severed his spine and put the body in a plastic shoebox for disposal. The doctor joked that this baby was so big he could “walk me to the bus stop.”

* Sunday Clinic Operations: Some fetuses were so large when Gosnell agreed to take the case, he took additional steps to hide the nature of these abortions. He had the patient come in on Sunday, when the rest of the staff was at home. His only assistant was his wife. There were no records of any of these procedures.

UPDATE #1: Due to a technical difficulty, this post vaporized temporarily. I will continue updating the material, and now will have a back-up document. I appreciate all who helped me resolve this matter, and appreciate your patience.

* Maternal Malpractice: Team Gonsell had to occasionally extract the fetus from the mother, sometimes with horrendous results. One patient was left bleeding when Gosnell punctured her cervix and colon; he threatened family members with arrest when they tried to enter the clinic and remove the woman. Another woman was sent home with fetal parts still within her body (which can lead to blood poisoning). Gosnell insisted she was fine over the course of several days, when a massive infection was roiling through her body. By the time the woman’s mother got her to the hospital, Gosnell’s patient was near death. Gosnell punctured the uterus of a 19-year old, who had to undergo a hysterectomy to save her life.

* Pain Relief Payment Plan: Dr. Compassion didn’t care to hear women in labor moaning, so he had his staff drug them into a stupor using pre-set dose charts that did not count for unique patient factors (little things like weight, blood pressure, and allergies). The only part that Gosnell cared about was the money: The more you paid, the better the course of pain relief treatment was.

* The Death of Karnamaya Mongar: A 41-year old refugee patient, who could read no English, she came in for an abortion. After signing waivers she could not possibly read, Gosnell’s staff doped her up on cheap, and dangerous, Demerol (a drug that might have contributed to Michael Jackson’s death). She stopped breathing. Since the defibrillator (heart-starting unit) was broken and Gosnell did not use emergency medications that might have restarted her heart, real medical staff in the form of paramedics were called — AFTER A SIGNIFICANT DELAY TO ALTER THE SCENE TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A LEGAL PROCEDURES WAS BEING PERFORMED. Because of the cluttered hallways and the padlocked emergency door, it took the paramedics 20 minutes to figure out how to get Mongar back to the ambulance. Finally, because the staff lied about the Demerol dose and other factors, the doctors could not administer an effective course of treatment. Life support was removed the next day.

* Total System Failure. As noted above, Michelle Malkin details where the various oversight agencies failed to act according to their mandate. It was only after police raided the clinic — LOOKING INTO ILLEGAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG ACTIVITY — was action taken on the extreme violations of mandated abortion safety protocol, because these heroic officers refused to look the other way at discarded baby bits and incapacitated, incoherent women. I will sum up the regulatory failure highlights:

Pennsylvania Department of Health – did not audit the facility regularly (only once a decade) nor did it follow-up on violations (after all, Dr. Honest promised to fix them). That came to an end in 1993, when Governor Tom Ridge put an end to even this amount of review, because “it would put a barrier to women getting abortions.” Even when a doctor hand-delivered a complaint that he was regularly treating clinic patients for a venereal disease contracted at Gosnell’s filthy facility, the Pennsylvania Department of Health did nothing. The department also failed to act to a report about Mongar’s death. Only after the police, and their story hit the press, did the department act — closing the clinic within three weeks and lawyering-up at tax-payer expense. (Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health — Philadelphia County, by clicking HERE).

Pennsylvania Department of State: Is in charge of individual medical licenses and oversees physicians, so this Department of State could acted quickly to revoke Gosnell’s paperwork and stop his practice cold. It did nothing about Gosnell after repeated complaints — including a detailed account of facility conditions and Gosnell’s practices by a former employee, and a report that followed on the heels of a lawsuit settled on the behalf of the family of a 22-year old patient that died at Gosnell’s hands. After four separate, detailed accounts of what was occurring at Gosnell’s facility, the lead attorney dismissed them as meaningless and indicated their was “no pattern of conduct.” (File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of State ON the Pennsylvania Department of State by clicking HERE.)

Check back tomorrow for more.


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13 Responses to TEA PARTY TARGET: Gosnell’s Little Clinic of Horrors

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  2. Rob De Witt says:


    The perfect hypocrisy of supporting this carnage by those who claim the “moral” high ground by championing the rights of women and minorities must be forever the first priority of all of us.

    This situation is the Perfect Storm – the barefaced bottom line of preferring abortion over human need is the very definition of The Liberal Dilemma, and no one must be allowed ever to forget it.

  3. I’ve subscribed to this post MUT, so I can read your updates. I haven’t been able to make myself read the grand jury report, and not just because of the nature of the document. You have a talent that I don’t have. Legal documents are Greek to me, so I would be getting the effect of the words, without the understanding.
    Regarding the Tea Party, I understand their reluctance to engage on social issues. But this goes a bit beyond the standard argument. Beyond the human atrocity, which should spur us all to action, there is the specter of a bloated government with no accountability. It has grown so large that theire are no clear chains of responsibity, and so incompetent that numerous agencies with jurisdiction did nothing. This could be a tea party issue on that basis alone.

  4. Blade Runner says:

    MUT, God bless you.
    If there is any good thing that can be said about this atrocity it is that a very real, and deeply rooted, evil is being exposed. I am hard-pressed to believe there are any decent people out there who are not overwhelmed by this. I truly hope the Philadelphia Tea Party takes up the standard to further expose this insanity, and that the TP’s target is not so much the doctor and the clinic, but the Philadelphia and PA bureaucracies who “looked the other way.”

    God speed, and may He bless the victims, living and dead, of this monsterous thing.

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  6. Lipstick Underground says:

    So glad to see the post back up so we can all review the truth of this horrific chapter in “choice”

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  8. dean says:

    Great work, Leslie. Congrats on the new site.

  9. capechik says:

    Thank you to the Anchoress for pointing me here–great work!

    I have seen quite a number of abortion “absolutists” explaining this Gosnell case as so far out of keeping with “standard practice” that it should not be tied to the issue of abortion at all. As for some of the more bizzarre accusations against Gosnell, this is probably true, and Gosnell’s clinic was particularly filthy and barbaric. However, the problem of the government turning a blind eye to substandard medical care, unlicensed providers, and conditions which place the safety of women in abortion clinics in serious jeopardy is widespread. The notion that Gosnell was a one-in-a-million aberration is patently false.

    Read this about a Maryland chain: http://saynsumthn.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/abortion-supporters-condemn-maryland-abortion-clinic-chain-but-should-they-share-in-the-blame/

    Google the LA Times coverage of Bertha Bugarin’s chain of abortion clinics in southern CA, the response of the late Dr. George Tiller to the complications faced by the late Christin Gilbert after an abortion, or the death of Laura Hope Smith in Hyannis, MA, where a Thai doctor, who had to leave practice in a major medical facility in Boston, opened an abortion clinic a few miles from the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod. His was much cleaner, but the allegations about the substandard medical practices are totally unacceptable–here is the report from the state medical board review: http://graphics.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Third_Party_PDF/2008/07/16/Osathanodh__1216244547_4652.pdf

  10. capechik says:

    Add to the list the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, LA, where one of the faux doctors from Gosnell’s clinic worked previously. The clinic has been the subject of multiple complaints for similar violations and filthy conditions since 1998. From Operation Rescue’s site: “Attorneys threatening to sue the DHH say that not much has changed at the clinic, and it still poses a danger to the public. Delta was accused last year by the DHH of failing to ensure the clinic had a “quality assurance program.” The report indicated that the clinic did not provide women adequate protections for their privacy and did not monitor patients receiving sedation “regarding their cardiac status, respiratory status and level of consciousness during the medical procedure.”

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  12. lawrence says:

    Great work man the tea party need to stop these people

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