Welcome to “Flight into Egypt”!

Dear Reader:  I am a newbie Catholic, who formally entered into the Church on the Easter Vigil of 2010.  I want to share some of my faith journey and hope it inspires you as I have been inspired by many Catholics who I have met via the Internet.

In part, I am developing this site on the suggestion of my blogging icon, the Anchoress.  The Anchoress oversees the Catholic Portal over at a religious-dialog website called Patheos.  Much of her faith-oriented writing is also found at Summa This, Summa That .

I learn the most when I write and teach. Therefore, I hope to follow the example of the Anchoress and devote a day during the week to prepare something that addresses faith in some way. It is my wish that some of my discoveries will be enjoyed by others. Topics I plan to touch on include:

* Biblical history and archeology.
* Discoveries I make or experiences I have related to the Catholic Church.
* How the Catholic Church can be helped by a free and fair market.

I am a citizen activist, who has prepared several posts already in my original site that addressed some Catholic materials: Temple of Mut:

Tea Parties, Tempests, and DEMOCRATIC “tea-baggers”!

GOD speaks to me through EGYPT

Passover: Egyptian History Review

This site will also be geared toward “Tea Party Catholics” — taking a look at Tea Party topics as they relate to Catholics and the church. I have also invited a few of my Catholic mentors to opine as guest bloggers, which I hope they will do.

Why did I chose to entitle this blog as “Flight Into Egypt”? As I noted in my post above, Egypt figures prominently in my faith journey — and the last leg on the road to my journey to the Catholic church began when my son said “God lives in a box in Egypt”.

Interestingly, Egypt during the Roman Period (and the Egypt to which Jesus, Mary and Joseph fled) was quite prosperous. Octavian, in his restructuring the country to be the domain of the Emperor only, removed a lot of bureaucracy and re-directed wealth that originally went to cult temples into agricultural and business enterprises. The Valley of the Golden Mummies stems from that time. Therefore, when Joseph’s family arrived, Egypt was well-prepared to provide for them.

I hope you stop by again and enjoy watching this site, and my faith, evolve. God Bless!

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