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UPDATES: Egypt’s Treasures and Gosnell’s Charnel House in Philadelphia

Dear Friends: Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. While I had hoped to do more with the Grand Jury indictment on the Kermit Gosnell clinic from last week, a complex array of events … Continue reading

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WordPress is So Awesome…!

UPDATE: The original was salvaged — CLICK TEA PARTY TARGET: Gosnell’s Little Clinic of Horrors (Also see note below). It vaporized my piece on Philadelphia. I am going to temporarily refer everyone to the Grand Jury report and Covert Conservatives … Continue reading

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TEA PARTY TARGET: Gosnell’s Little Clinic of Horrors

WELCOME Anchoress readers! Thank you for your detour to this site from her superb piece: Pro-Life Marchers Roundup. Dear Friends: I am writing today as a Tea Party activist, as I sincerely believe that there should be an event focused … Continue reading

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CONFESSION CELEBRATION! Reflections on my son’s 1st Reconciliation and my own.

Dear Friends: A little Egypt-based humor before we kick off the serious topic of Reconciliation: My son is about to make his first confession today; in the new way of referring to about it, it is his first Reconciliation. I … Continue reading

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Tea Party CATHOLIC chats with RAND-ian Objectivist about CROSS

Dear Readers: A reason I became a Catholic was because of my involvement with Tea Party activism: I wanted to keep grounded (when people praised me for my golden punditry) AND I wanted to be strengthened (when I was insulted … Continue reading

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Angels Among Us: Daniel Hernandez

Dear Readers: This inspirational story via HillBuzz, about Daniel Henandez. Hernandez is the newly hired aide to Gabrielle Giffords, who was at the horrific event in Tucson this weekend. Instead of fleeing from the gunfire, he ran toward it to … Continue reading

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The Anger of Achilles. The title of this translation of Homer’s Illiad by Robert Graves is the inspiration for today’s post. As a newbie Catholic who has long studied ancient Egypt, I feel compelled today to make my first piece … Continue reading

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